Urban logging is about up-cycling logs from urban tree removals otherwise considered waste, by-product, or a burden to dispose of. We recover logs from around the city that would otherwise be cut up into firewood, chipped, or dumped. We don't cut trees down to make lumber, nor do we take trees down. We work with arborists, tree service companies, and home owners, providing log handling and log removal once trees are on the ground.

“I have a tree that we’re removing. Interested?”

Hopefully we can answer some of your questions and ask a few of our own here:

*What kind of tree is it?
*Measured diameter thru or circumference around at shoulder height?
*Is the trunk straight, and at least 10' to first set of limb
*What is the location: front yard, back yard, side yard, along driveway, open lot?
*Photographs are appreciated

“What's my tree worth?”

Generally, equipment cost and handling time equals the value of the log. In cases where the value exceeds cost, the difference is negotiable. So in other words, we occasionally buy logs, cut on shares, or mill a piece for the trees owner. Examples are black walnut, white oak, myrtle-wood, western red cedar and madrone. Logs must be in good condition.*

“What is considered a good log for lumber?”

Logs 24" and over in diameter or 76" circumference
10' straight to first major limb or set of leaders.

Logs around 18" diameter or 56" circumference
8' in length

Logs under 16" diameter or 50" circumference
Under 8' in length

*Logs should also be accessible by truck or within a straight line pull.

Desired species include, but not limited to: alder, ash, black walnut, cedar, cherry, chestnut, fir, locust, madrone, maple, myrtle-wood, oak, and sycamore.


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