Hoyt Arboretum

Hoyt Arboretum contacted us about a tree they were having to remove. They wanted to know if we could mill it into landscaping timbers for a new trail system they were building. They provided a list of materials needed, while we put together a salvaging and cutting plan. They were able to get everything they needed out of that one tree to complete the project.

Metro Cooper Mt. nature park

A covered wagon childrens play structure became a new edition at the park after a mayor renovation. A new parking lot with bioswales, trees planted, trails extended, and a play area for kids. The log wheels and fir lumber were all provided by TreeCycle NW.






Walnut coffee table

Custom designed and handcrafted english walnut coffee table. English walnut tree was recovered from a residence in Vancouver.

Big leaf maple bench

A beautiful live edge slab makes this piece a one of a kind work of art as well as being a functional bench. The construction was all mortice and tenon and without the use of metal hardware.

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